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Music Department: Friday Four Pack

What nobody ever really talks about is how long life can feel. Everyone seems to be selling the moment, making sure we don’t regret a single instant, as if a single moment can define absolutely everything. It certainly can, but life remains more marathon than sprint. It’s been an interesting week for all of us here at MwBC, and this mix reflects that. Neu! wrote music meant to accompany people on long drives, and these ideas defined much of the krautrock movement from Can to Neu!’s better half, Kraftwerk. Sure, there are some American and French safe ones on here, but the sentiment remains. These songs give way to changes in landscape, the subtle alterations in light as the sun sets and the pleasant hum of the good friends who come along for the ride. Only a fine German brew will do for these, preferably out of a boot.

 Recap: German and German-influenced songs meant for rolling down the windows and putting on cruise control.

– “Oh Yeah,” Can, Tago Mago

– “Spiders/Kidsmoke,” Wilco, A Ghost is Born

– “Für Immer (Forever),” Neu!, 2

– “North,” Phoenix, It’s Never Been Like That

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