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Suds: July 23

Form. Function. Design. Bicycling is truly a thing of beauty. From retro-rebuilds to bamboo bikes, biking exemplifies an overall artistic experience. The other day I was at the Art Institute of Chicago (take some time and check out the Lichtenstein retrospective, will ya?) and I came across the book Velo: Bicycle Culture and Design.

While you’re admiring these wheels, why not consider commuting to work via bicycle? Or perhaps just to the grocery store? In honor, grab a Fixed Gear from Lakefront and let’s get to Suds.

Beer lunch? This is a novel concept to me that I can see myself really enjoying.

-Way too cool: Simple Earth Hops Harvest Brewfest.

Best tap handle ever? Best tap handle ever. I really love the bowling ball, really ties the whole thing together.

-I just love this picture: Abbey Brewing Project at Northern Brewer.

New Glarus production up 10 percent. I only see good things here.

Steer the course, Lagunitas, Chicago wants you to come home.

-Finally, we haven’t implored you to go to the Old Fashioned in a really long time. So go to the Old Fashioned and drink one of their 150 Wisconsin beers.


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Suds: June 22

Unfortunately for my beer consumption I live in DC[1]. Fortunately I live in a place with a great amount of history—both American in that Norman-Rockwell-meets-William-Jennings-Brian sort of way, and the Ian MacKaye, cultural sort of way.

This week’s City Paper features an article about the influential yet enigmatic Bad Brains, a DC staple and a cassette regular for me and my friends in high school. To me, the hardest part  about the article is accepting that we’re 30 years removed from Bad Brains, and only a little less removed from Black Flag, Minor Threat and Fugazi. The article deals with the how the band has transitioned through time, but it stands in well for how the city itself has found itself caught in a number of musical stylings. Two music styles—jazz and hardcore punk—claim proprietary heritage in this city. But it’s 2012 now, and both seem sort of dated (ask Steve Albini…).

So we need to ask: what’s next for DC? I’m not sure just yet, but we can always enjoy things like this.

Need something hardcore to drink? Let’s give a little love to the Wisconsin ex-pats running Chocolate City Brewing in Washington, DC. Grab a copper lager, and let’s get to Suds.

-Need an intensely-hopped recipe? Northern Brewer has you covered, per usual.

-Guys Drinking (and occasionally Opining on) Beer with another great look at the legal hurdles craft brewers face in Illinois.

-MN drinkers: Founder Flight Night at Pig & Fiddle.

-Sorry for neglecting you for so long, Nebraska (although our beloved Badgers already did that…). Great stuff from a vibrant beer scene.

-Beer Here: 3rd Wheel from O’So Brewing in beautiful Plover, WI.

-Cool video profile on 3 Sheep’s Brewery in Sheboygan.

-Do you like good beer? Well, then help kickstart this brewery!

-Finally, it’s draft night in the NHL. I’m waiting to see where the big names—Luongo, Nash, perhaps even Stahl—end up when the dust has settled.

[1] Things are getting much better. At first, I just wanted someone to give me a Bedlam…

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Suds: December 7

December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

– Barley John’s Brewpub has a special cask of Old 8 Porter they are tapping tonight.

Lagunitas Sucks!

Will Ferrell doing Old Milwaukee commercials for Davenport, Iowa? absolutely!

Scratch Brewing Company is the newest addition to the Illinois brewing scene. Farm fresh ales for the seasons.

Beer Here: Central Waters Exodus review from The Isthmus.

– Nice article summing up the National Brewery Museum in Potosi, Wisconsin.

Founders Brewing snowboards and skis are a great way to shred the gnar!

– Michigan’s The Week in Beer still has a few events coming up that sound great.

St. Cloud Craft Beer Expo makes a comeback. Get your tickets now!

– St. Cloud is need of a good craft beer bar: Boulder Tap House is the answer.

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Suds: August 17

Hey everyone, welcome to Wednesday’s Suds! Let’s crack open a Tyranena Three Beaches Honey Blonde and get right down to business.

Beer School is in session at the Republic (formerly Prestons) in 7 Corners Minneapolis.

– Stop by Rock Bottom Brewery tomorrow for Bottle Conditioned Beer Thursdays.

– We always want to focus more on homebrewing here at the MwBC, so check out this list of Homebrew clubs in Minnesota

– Or Wisconsin’s Homebrew Clubs

– Or, if you’re in Illinois, get involved in your local Homebrew Clubs.

– Sprecher’s IPA is featured at Craft Beer Club.

– Two Brothers Brewing Co. is hosting a beer dinner tonight! Good food and great beer.

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